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We'll help you create authentic,

highly detailed custom interiors, to radiate

your brand identity, from rustic bars to

futuristic automotive showrooms.

We have you covered.


  • Turn-Key activation platform transported to site with your essentials

  • Reduced setup costs  ( Pre- installed elements and branding )

  • World first self-lifting container platform,  No on-site cranes required 

  • Ground level access or elevated stage function 

  • Supports up to 40 people comfortably 

  • On-board server room with media management PC

  • Mobile accessible HD video surveillance system for media material or security purposes

  • App based colour changing LED interior and exterior lights , ideal for your CI Colours

  • Interchangeable interior walls and textures for you custom interior design needs

  • R24 000 , PA / Sound System 

  • WiFi enabled ( Data Packages available) 

  • Optional 4m length bar, with limestone finished top

  •  2x Retractable shade awnings 

  • Large hydraulic fold down patio with LED under-glow (Grey Bamboo decking finish ) 

  • Roof top access with bamboo decking and LED floor lighting

  • Large back and side banner frame for large format billboard prints

  • 4 x LED light box banners ( Hydraulic led covers ) 

  • Optional digital displays, cellphone charging units, bar equipment , furniture and more. 


Floor Space


Swiftly lift and lower to deploy. The patented self-lifting container foundation delivers a practical solution that eliminates the need for expensive crane rentals. 


The hydraulic legs provide robust support and allow Xperience to be level on on unlevelled ground. By adjusting the height of the Xperience we are able to create elevated stages or ground level walk in environments.  



Create tactile marketing campaigns and events that gets your brand out to the masses. Equipped with a large back side banner and side banner, XPERIENCE is a mobile billboard and activation platform in one. 

Branding Elements include: 

  • Back Side Banner

  • Side Banner

  • Roof Top Railing Banners

  • Hydraulic Leg Light Boxes

  • Interior Branding

  • Digital Media Branding  


Onboard Wi-Fi, connects your audiences and increases your impressions. 

Customise your Wi-Fi connectivity platform

to enable surveys, competitions, social media sharing or simply direct your audience to your website.

The WiFi service also supports our remote digital media management services and Live Video feedback. 

Remote Control

Designed with a secure server room, Xperience allows you to upload and manage Digital content remotely, adjust Interior lighting, view live video for your peace of mind or for social media content

Play music playlists or simply fill the space with comforting ambient sounds. 

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